Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Please note - This list will be updated throughout the Community Cards scheme.

When does the scheme start?

The scheme starts on Monday 16th April 2018.

When does the scheme finish?

The scheme finishes on Monday 18th June 2018.

How should the stickers be awarded?

The participating schools will be able to issue the majority of the stickers but some will be awarded by Police staff. AT NO TIME should they be given a loose sticker - the sticker should always be stuck into the card and signed across the sticker and card to validate them.

There has to be an element of discretion amongst the leaders of the scheme, so some of the stickers will be left to your judgement - Do you think the student requesting the sticker has made an effort / improved in the area for which he/she is requesting the sticker? There will be dip-checks with the winning children and classes just to quality assure the process so please use your discretion, but do make sure the child has done what they are claiming to have done before you award the sticker.

Some stickers will be easier than others - some will automatically be covered by work already done in the school, some will be simple to arrange as a class and others will need individual children to do a little extra work to secure their sticker. Please note that the stickers should only be awarded to children for work or activities completed during the timescale of the scheme. It cannot be given for work that has already taken place earlier in the school year.

What happens at the end of the scheme?

All cards must be handed in to you (including partially completed cards). We then request that you tally the number of stickers per child for your class using the returns sheet available on our Community Cards webpages. You have an opportunity to also let us know about any special mentions you would like to make about children who have made a special effort.

You must then email the completed sheets back to us at the latest by 4pm on Wednesday 20th June 2018. From experience with previous schemes, no late entries can be accepted after this date.

What will the winning classes get?

The winning classes will have a day at Legoland in Windsor including coach travel from your school. There will also be other class prizes which may be awarded for teamwork, commitment, runners up etc. Once the winning schools have been announced you may hand the cards back to the children.

Please note that Friday 6th July 2018 is the day the Legoland tickets are valid and the coaches are booked.      

How will the winners be decided?

Although this is a competition - the aim is to encourage the children to take part and put in some effort to achieve their stickers. The overriding factor therefore on each occasion should be the effort the child has made. Finally, in the case of several winning schools all submitting the same number of stickers, we will use the additional information that you submit on the returns sheet to choose the overall winners. We will also use this information in the allocation of individual prizes.

Any other questions that have not been answered by our FAQ pages?

If you have any queries that are not answered here then please contact the Community Safety Officer on 01494 586535 or email