High Speed 2 [HS2]

On 10th January 2012 the Secretary of State for Transport announced that the Government was to proceed with its plans for High Speed 2.

Hybrid Bill and petitioning

The District Council petitioned in the House of Commons expressing its objections to, and concerns about, the proposals and asking that should they proceed, a mitigation and compensation package for the Colne Valley, commensurate with the severity of the impacts of HS2, was essential.

Copies of the petition and proposed route are available below:-


Colne Valley Regional Park Panel

South Bucks District Council is represented on the Colne Valley Regional Park Panel. This is made up of a variety of statutory bodies and environmental organisations with a specific interest in the Colne Valley Regional Park.

The key purpose of the panel is to consider and challenge the merging design of the HS2 scheme whilst at the same time achieving mitigation and restoration to the park area. Keeping members of the public updated on the work of the panel is important.

Meeting agendas, minutes and decisions can be found on the HS2 Limited website

Councils HS2 Information