Consultation - Review of Licensing Policy 2018

The Council's Licensing Policy must be reviewed every 5 years. A draft of the reviewed document is currently being consulted on and can be viewed on this page

The Licensing Act 2003 requires the Council to carry out a review of its Licensing Policy every five years.  This policy sets out the Authority's position in relation to its duties under the Act and to guide its work in consultation with responsible authorities, licensees and with the general public, in a socially responsible way in promoting the four licensing objectives:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder

  2. Public safety

  3. Prevention of public nuisance

  4. Protection of children from harm

Key changes mainly reflect changes in legislation since the policy was reviewed last.  It would be advantageous if comments could be referenced with which of the four licensing objectives they relate to as the policy statement can only refer to how the Council will meet the four objectives.

You can comment on the draft policy by email to:

Closing date for comments: 23rd March 2018