First World War Centenary Events & Projects Fund

First World War Centenary

The 4th August marked the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. People of all ages throughout the United Kingdom have been reflecting on the events of the First World War, the experiences of men and women here and overseas, and how the war has shaped the last 100 years. 

South Bucks District Council can provide funding for each parish of up to £300 to help groups, communities and organisations mark the centenary. Here are some examples of commemoration your community might explore:

  • Creating or conserving memorials commemorating lives lost in the war.
  • Archiving existing recordings of peoples memories and experiences from the First World War.
  • Involving young people or local schools to research or record local heritage, share family memories and build intergenerational understanding of the war. 
  • Producing a booklet or guide that commemorates key buildings or individuals living in the parish and their involvement in WW1, bringing local history alive.
  • Commemoration event for the parish.  

Parish Council Liaison

There is only £300 available for each Parish. The help facilitate community liaison and to prioritise applications we request that applicants liaise with the Parish or Town Council in their area.

WW1 Full Order of Events

The full order of events commemorating the First World War will span from the centenary of the outbreak of war in 1914 until that of Armistice Day in 1918. Some of the commemoration dates include:

  • First day of conflict, August 4 2014
  • Battle of the Somme, July 1 2016
  • Armistice Day, November 11, 2018

Criteria and Guidance

Funding requests for World War I related community projects and events will be considered on merit against the criteria set out below. Funding of up to £300 is available. 

Terms & Conditions

  • The Council must be acknowledged as a partner or support funder on all publicity relating to the project / event, press releases and be mentioned in any opening addresses . presentation made at the event as appropriate.
  • All claims for payment must be made within 6 months after the date of the event.
  • Requests for funding must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the event. Retrospective application will not be considered.
  • The Council's decision is final and it reserves the right to withdraw any offers of funding should any of the criteria terms and conditions not be met.
  • South Bucks District Council accepts no liability for or in connection with the event. The event is solely at the applicants risk


  • The project / event must clearly meet the following criteria for eligibility.
  • The project / event must not be for profit
  • It must be open to the public or have a clear community benefit.
  • The project / event must have clear links with commemorating Work War I
  • Applications are welcomed from voluntary groups, clubs and town & parish councils within South Bucks District.
  • The activity must be held no later than 20th November 2018.


  • Requests for funding should be received by the Council at least 8 weeks prior to the project / event to allow sufficient time for the request to be considered.

To make an application please complete an application form