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Report a missed collection

Sometimes road works, lorry breakdowns, a change of route or crew, or other unexpected events can alter the collection of your bins. For this reason your bin may be collected earlier or later than usual on your normal day of collection. A bin is considered 'missed' if it has not been collected by 5pm on your collection day.

If we should ever miss collecting your general rubbish, mixed recycling, paper, food waste or garden waste bins please let us know within 24 hours  of your collection day so that we can rectify the problem in the same week.  If your entire road has been missed, please leave it until the following day before reporting a missed collection and leave your bins at your property boundary as usual.  If our crews have been unable to gain access to a road they will try to collect again the following day.

We will only take general rubbish that is inside your bin with the lid closed, we do not take excess waste on top or to the side of your bin.  Please take any extra waste to your local local Household Recycling Centre, please do not put general rubbish into your mixed recycling bin as this will not be emptied.

Please make sure that you have followed our guidance regarding rubbish and recycling collection, including:

  • the bins or bags were placed out on the correct collection day (please check schedule changes for Bank Holidays)

  • the bins or bags were at your property boundary by 7am on the day of collection

  • bags were not split or so heavy that lifting could cause a split

  • the bin lids were closed and no excess waste was put out on top or to the side of the bin

  • the correct recyclable materials are placed into the correct container

  • only approved compostable liners have been used in your food waste bin

Bins or bags will not be collected if they contain commercial waste, hazardous waste or are too heavy to be safely moved by the crew.

Missed collections must be reported within 24 hours otherwise they will be collected when they are next due.

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