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Join in with National Clean Air Day - 15 June

The UK's first ever National Clean Air Day on 15 June brings focus to what we can do about air pollution - to both protect our health and reduce air pollution levels.

The day aims to give everyone the knowledge needed to respond to air pollution. For example, avoiding a busy road and walking down a side street can cut exposure to pollution by 20% or more. Also, cars gather pollution from the vehicle in front, meaning that car drivers can be exposed to significant pollution. One research project found that drivers on the same route as cyclists were exposed to nine times more pollution.

South Bucks District Council has been working with other agencies to minimise the impact of future infrastructure projects on the area. This includes Crossrail, Western Rail Access to Heathrow and Phase 1 of HS2. 

More information on Air Quality in South Bucks is available on this website.

What can you do to help.

On National Clean Air Day why not try a new action that protects your health and reduces pollution. 25% of all car journeys in the UK are less than 2 miles. If all of these car journeys were walked instead it would save £16m in fuel and the population would burn an additional 3.6 billion calories. If driving is essential, remembering to switch off the engine when stopped has been shown to cut peaks in pollution. Travel to Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield maps are available here and at reception at South Bucks District Council.

To find out how to protect your health and cut emissions visit