The role of South Bucks District Council

Councils work with local people and partners to agree and deliver on local priorities. They provide a wide range of services either directly or in partnership with others or by commissioning them from a third party. 

Buckinghamshire operates under a county and district structure with 1 County Council and 4 District Councils (South Bucks, Chiltern, Wycombe and Aylesbury).  

Buckinghamshire County Council provides services that cover the whole county, such as education and social services.

South Bucks District Council provides more localised services.  Examples of the services provided by South Bucks District Council include Building Control, Car Parks, Cemeteries, Electoral Registration, Housing, Leisure Facilities, Licensing, Planning, Refuse Collection. 

In South Bucks there are also 1 Town and 11 Parish Councils. These provide local facilities and services such as allotments - for which they have statutory responsibility - footpaths, bus shelters, litter and dog fouling. Further information on Town and Parish Councils can be found on the National Association of Local Councils website (link can be found below). 

Working in Partnership

South Bucks District Council works in partnership with a range of partnership organisations. 

Key partner organisations the Council is involved with include:

  • District Councils - Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern and Wycombe 
  • Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Health
  • Police
  • Probation
  • The Voluntary and Community Sector 
  • The Business Sector

Chiltern and South Bucks Districts - Two Councils Working Together

Back in 2012, Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils saw the value of sharing management and services - for financial, quality and resilience reasons.

The start of the rationalisation of the management structures was the appointment of a shared chief executive for both councils and creation of two joint director positions.  The next stage was for the two councils to rationalise their senior teams to bring about more cost effective service delivery. 

An ambitious programme of service reviews is currently underway with almost all services now being shared with harmonised terms and conditions of employment.

Other areas of joint working between the two councils include - sharing the same audit and finance systems; a joint fraud team which covers the whole of the south of the county; a joint performance management tool; a joint data quality policy; a joint content management system for the websites and intranet; a shared telephony system; a joint (community) strategic partnership and joint corporate branding for the new shared services. 

Chiltern and South Bucks Strategic Partnership

The Partnership provides a strong collective voice between all public bodies operating across Chiltern and South Bucks, together with representatives from voluntary, community and business organisations. We work together to deliver our local Community Strategy (based on the priorities of residents), so we can make the best use of available time, effort and money.