Community Trigger online request form

  1. In order to use this form there has to have been a minimum of 3 reported incidents/complaints from one person or 5 reported incidents/complaints from different people within a six month period and you feel no action was taken. Each ASB incident/complaint has to have been reported within one month of the ASB taking place.
  2. Your contact details
    1. Please provide your details so that we can contact you. If you are completing this form on behalf of somebody else, please provide details of the person affected. We will use this to provide an update on your referral.
  3. About your situation
  4. What happens next?
    1. The nominated Gatekeeper/Designated Officer will acknowledge receipt of request within 2 working days. They will then log the requests to activate the trigger, inform relevant agencies of the trigger request, and gather information. They will conduct a risk assessment and confirm within 28 working days whether or not the threshold has been met.
    2. If the threshold has been met, the gatekeeper/designated officer will refer the case to a Review Panel and request further information from other agencies and housing providers as appropriate. The Review Panel will review the risk assessment and any action taken to date, agree further actions as required, make recommendations to the respective agency/agencies as required, nominate an appropriate person to communicate the outcome to victim and set a date for completion of any recommended actions.
    3. If the trigger is not met the gatekeeper/designated officer will communicate the outcome to the victim, if applicable, signpost guidance to an appropriate agency (e.g. if a request for service or complaint), defer (e.g. if ASB has only recently been reported and the investigation is ongoing), record the outcome and provide a summary to the Review Panel or Head of Service for quality assurance.