Climate Change

Climate change is affects us all, at home at work or at leisure. It is caused by fumes (emissions) from cars, heating our homes, producing food, manufacturing and things we buy and consume. The emissions are mainly carbon dioxide. Climate change is affecting our weather. We are experiencing heavy rain and flooding, heat and drought and excessive cold.

Whilst views and opinions about climate change and its causes may differ, of certainty is:-

  • The rising cost of energy
  • Increasing energy insecurity
  • That fossil fuel reserves will run out, as will other resources unless they used responsibly. We need 'natural capital' to continue to supply us with goods and services such as medicines, clothing, housing, warmth and the continuing development of our economies
  • The growing levels of inequalities between current and future populations, and the disproportionate impacts climate change is having on fuel poor and vulnerable people
  • Human beings are intelligent. They can usually find solutions with an economic advantage

These are some of the reasons to cut energy consumption, move towards more sustainable sources of energy, and using resources wisely. Climate change is a big challenge and it requires us all to act.

You can find out more about climate change at the Met Office