Man stands trial over duty of care for waste

Waste dumped in a country road was traced to a man who failed to check whether the waste carrier he used was genuine.

Shahpoor Ahmadzai, 39, of Bourne Avenue, Hayes, elected to stand trial at Crown Court after being summonsed by Buckinghamshire County Council for failing in his duty of care because he used an un-registered waste carrier. He appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court on 13 November, and was found guilty following a 38-minute deliberation by the jury.

The court heard that an enforcement officer from the council found a pile of waste dumped across Hawkswood Lane, Gerrards Cross, on 26 March 2017, and evidence within the waste led officers to interview Mr Ahmadzai at a local police station.

Mr Ahmadzai, a builder, was aware of the legislation regarding the lawful transfer of waste, but nevertheless passed a truck load of household rubbish to a man he didn't know who had been arranged by a mutual acquaintance. Ahmadzai failed to check the individual's identity or find out if he was a registered waste carrier.

Following the guilty verdict Mr Ahmadzai was fined £500, he was ordered to pay full prosecution costs of £3,865 and a victim surcharge of £50 was also levied - making a total to pay of £4,415. 

The case was investigated and prosecuted by Buckinghamshire County Council working on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire. Since November 2003 the Waste Partnership has secured over 630 convictions against individuals and companies for illegal dumping and related offences.  This has resulted in a significant saving to the Buckinghamshire taxpayer over the period, principally through reduced removal and disposal costs.

If you see any dumped waste please report it as soon as possible on Bucks County Council's website.

Flytip Nov 2017

Rubbish left behind by Shahpoor Ahmadzai