Heathrow launches planning consultation

Heathrow expansion has taken a significant step towards delivery as the airport launches it's public planning consultation. This is a separate consultation to the Government's Airports National Policy Statement consultation.

The 10-week consultation was launched on Wednesday 17th January and will run until 11.55pm on Wednesday 28th March, giving local communities an opportunity to shape Heathrow's expansion proposals, that aim to support an even more sustainable future airport operation.

What is being consulted on?

There are two parts to this consultation.

The first relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build a new north west runway to operate an expanded airport. As well as the new runway and terminal infrastructure, land around Heathrow may be used for construction. Changes may also be made to the local road network, the M25 and local rivers.

Options have been identified for how to deliver an expanded Heathrow, and sets out potential approaches to managing and reducing the effects of expansion on local communities and the environment. The second part to this consultation is planned for next year prior to submitting an application for planning consent.

There are over 30 events being held throughout the consultation where you will be able to talk to members of the project and pick up copies of the consultation materials, including response forms. For a list of events please visit www.heathrowconsultation.com/events/

Consultation documents are on display at a number of locations including the reception area at the Council's office in Denham and Chiltern District Council's office in Amersham. For the full list of locations visit www.heathrowconsultation.com
The document can also be downloaded Icon for pdf Expansion Consultation Document [4.9MB].

How to respond

If you would like to have your say on the proposals to help shape the plans, there are several ways you can provide comments:

  • Online at www.heathrowconsultation.com
  • Complete a feedback form, available on request or at one of the consultation events
  • Send an email to expansion.feedback@heathrowconsultation.com

If you would like a large text or alternative format of the consultation document please call 0800 307 7996 or go to www.heathrowconsultation.com


South Bucks DC is a member of Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG)

The Members of the Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG or the Group) represent the local authorities, public organisations and other bodies responsible for land use planning, transport, environment, economic and other sustainable development in the sub-region surrounding Heathrow Airport. The Group is independent from Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) and the individual member organisations retain their own policy positions on the proposal for a third runway and changes to aircraft flightpaths and operations. The shared views of the Group are set out in an adopted Outcomes Statement.

The Group is committed to collaborative working with HAL to achieve more integrated spatial planning, better manage negative impacts and to maximise benefits for local communities, businesses and the environment resulting from airport expansion.
The HSPG has engaged with HAL where requested but has not been privy to the content of the two consultations in advance of publication on 17th January 2018. The HSPG is an independent stakeholder in the process, and for the avoidance of doubt, the Group does not endorse the content of HAL's consultation proposals for Airport Expansion and Airspace Change nor does it endorse the timing and nature of the consultation arrangements.
The Group will be making a joint response to the consultation proposals in addition to  individual responses that may be made by each member organisation.