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Where is Asbestos Found in The Home?

Asbestos has been widely used about the home in both building materials and consumer goods. Some of the more common are: Cold water cisterns; Roof & wall cladding; Flue pipes, gutters; Rainwater down pipes; Roof slates & roofing tiles; vinyl floor tiles; Boiler flues; Asbestos cement sheeting-garage & shed walls and roofs; Storage heaters; Ironing boards; Central heating system insulation; Old oven gloves & fire blankets. Visit the Health and Safety Executive's web page for further examples:


Who to contact

If in doubt as to whether asbestos is present or if advice is required before working on a product known to contain asbestos seek advice from:


Identification & Removal

The Council does not identify or remove asbestos from properties. We suggest you contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor:



Household Waste Sites can accept a limited amount of asbestos from householders: 3 bin bags or 4 sheets of approx 3ft by 8ft. This material needs to be double wrapped in bags sealed with tape so that no dust can escape. You will also need to apply for a waste permit.

Larger quantities e.g. dismantled garage roofs should be disposed of through a licensed asbestos removal contractor.