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Chargeable Garden Waste Service (Optional)

The garden waste service provides an affordable and convenient way to dispose of your garden waste.

How much does it cost?

The garden waste collection service costs £38 per bin.

How long does my subscription last for?

Subscriptions to the Service last 12 months on a rolling agreement. Renewals made during February and March 2017 will commence on 1st April 2017. Renewals made on or after 1st April are also subject to 12 months subscription.

How do I pay for my subscription?

You can apply and pay for your subscription at any time during the year using our online form.

Garden Waste online form (click here)

Please note! If you require a container(s), it can take up to ten working days for the container(s) to be delivered to your property. However, during periods of high demand, the delivery time may be longer.

How often is my garden waste collected?

Collections will take place every two weeks, on the same day as your recycling. Please place the garden waste bin(s) at your property boundary without causing an obstruction on the pavement or the highway, by 7am on your recycling collection day, but no earlier than 5pm the evening before.

Why was my bin not emptied?

We will only empty garden waste bins for which a valid subscription has been paid for.

We will be unable to empty your bin if it contains the wrong items, is too heavy to be collected safely or the garden waste has become wedged or has frozen.

If you think your bin has been missed for none of the above reasons, please report your missed bin using our online form, within 24 hours of the miss occurring. Please note, we will not return for any missed collections reported to us after this timeframe has expired.

What can go in the wheelie bin?



Garden Waste Icons


  • Bin liners - including compostable liners
  • Food waste - including fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Paper or cardboard
  • Shredded paper
  • Soil, turf or rubble
  • Pet bedding
Terms and conditions

By agreeing to pay for the Service you will be accepting the pdf icon terms and conditions [132kb]