Hackney Carriage Vehicles

A Hackney Carriage vehicle can be a London-style black cab, or one of a number of purpose built wheelchair accessible vehicles produced for the UK market. A licence is required (which must be renewed annually), for any such vehicle that will ply for hire, be flagged down or hired at a taxi rank. The cost of a journey will be based on the set rates per mile published by South Bucks District Council. Every vehicle must have a meter fitted and this meter must be used to determine the maximum charge for each journey within the district.  Every vehicle must also have an illuminated roof sign indicating when the vehicle is available for hire.

Applications will only be accepted as valid if the following are provided:

1.       Application form  and fee completed on line:  Apply online

2.       An original and current MOT certificate for the vehicle.

3.       Original V5 log book registration document.

4.       Original certificate of insurance for the vehicle with correct usage.

5.       An original and current compliance certificate. (see list of garages in the downloads).

6.       Meter calibration certificate