Inspections and investigations

Environmental Health Officers can carry out checks on offices, shops, warehouses, catering premises, customer service activities, places used for leisure activities and other non-industrial premises.

This helps ensure that safe food and safe working conditions are provided for all employees and members of the public visiting these premises.

After an inspection a written report will be given to the business operator either in the form of a carbonated report (left at the time of inspection) and/or a letter.

The report will cover issues in priority order and will clearly distinguish between legal requirements and recommendations.

If repeated and/or serious non-compliance is found officers may also:

  • serve an 'improvement notice', which sets out certain things that you must do to comply
  • serve a 'prohibition notice' stopping the use of equipment or an activity
  • serve an 'emergency prohibition notice' which will result in closure of the business (food premises only)
  • detain and/or seize food or equipment
  • recommend prosecution

Environmental Health Officers also investigate food poisonings, accidents at work  and enforce smokefree legislation.