New Premises Licences

How long it takes

The Licensing Act 2003 gives the licensing authority up to two months to process applications for Premises Licences. In most cases applications will take at least six weeks.

Premises Licences become effective on the date requested on your application, or the date granted if this is later.

If the licence provides for the sale of alcohol, your Designated Premises Supervisor will need to have a Personal Licence. This can also take up to two months, or potentially longer if a training course is needed beforehand.

When to apply

You can apply for a new Premises Licence at any time.

You should check carefully the time you will need to put your application together, as you will need to obtain plans of the premises.

Advertising your application

You need to advertise your application both:

•once in a local newspaper within 10 days

•on a poster at the premises for at least 28 days which can be downloaded below

These must conform to the rules in the Licensing Act 2003 Regulations 2005.  Please see the guidance information regarding notice display.

What you need to send to us

The completed application form

Documentation showing the applicant's right to work in the UK (only applicable to individual applicants)

A plan of the premises (at 1:100 scale unless previously otherwise agreed in writing)

The form of consent from the person you wish to be premises supervisor (if alcohol is to be sold)

Payment of the fee (please see the fees list provided in the downloads)  

You are required to send a copy of everything on the list above to all of the other Responsible Authorities, except the payment of the fee.

Anyone applying for a premises licence must have regard to the relevant sections of the Council's Licensing Policy