Higher Denham Neighbourhood Area Application

On the 6th June 2017 the Higher Denham Community Association* submitted an application to South Bucks District Council seeking to declare the settlement of Higher Denham as a Neighbourhood Area. South Bucks District Council consulted on the application from 23rd June to 4th August 2017.

* (Note the current formal name for the Higher Denham Community Association is The Higher Denham Community Charitable Incorporated Organisation)


The reason for the Higher Denham Community Association seeking to designate a neighbourhood area was that they would like to re-develop the existing community centre adjacent to the settlement. One method of achieving the development they require is to make a Community Right to Build Order application. This process can only be undertaken if a designated Neighbourhood Area is in place. A Community Right to Build Order will require further publicity, an examination and to pass a referendum of those people within the defined neighbourhood area before any development could be undertaken.


Following the required public consultation and before the determination of the Neighbourhood Area application by the District Council a separate Neighbourhood Area application was received from Denham Parish council covering the whole of the Denham Parish Council area and including the settlement of Higher Denham. The 2016 Neighbourhood Planning Regulations require the Local Planning Authority (South Bucks District Council in this case) to designate a Neighbourhood Area if it's applied for by a Parish Council covering the whole of the Parish Council's area. The legislation also states that there cannot be two Neighbourhood areas overlapping. As such South Bucks District Council had to designate the Denham Parish Neighbourhood Area (see Denham Parish page) and refuse to designate the Higher Denham proposed Neighbourhood Area.


The designation for the Denham Parish Neighbourhood Area doesn't prevent the Higher Denham community association submitting a Community Right to Build Order proposal for the replacement of the community hall if they decide to proceed with their proposal. This section of the website will be updated should the Community association decide to proceed with the Community Right to Build Order.


The Application the Council decision not to designate the proposed Neighbourhood Area and additional background information is available at the bottom of the page.