Planning FAQs

1. Do I need planning permission?

Some works can be undertaken without planning permission if the property has Permitted Development (PD) rights. See FAQ 2 below to see how to find out if your property has PD rights.

If you have PD rights, whether you need planning permission or not may depend on quite a number of other site specific factors such as dimensions, constraints on the site etc . Please see Permitted Development  guidance and in particular the Planning Portal Interactive House.

If you consider the works fit within the PD regulations and you would like written confirmation that the works are definitely PD you will need to submit an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use which is an 8 week process. If not, you will need to submit a planning application.

Submitting an application

2. Does my property have PD rights?

Most residential properties have Permitted Development (PD) rights which means that some works can be undertaken without planning permission.

To check if a property has PD rights you need to look at the original planning permission for the property and any permissions issued since to see if they include a condition which removes or restricts PD rights. Such a condition will look something like this:

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 3 and Classes [ ] of Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order, 2015 (or any Order revoking and/or re-enacting that Order with or without modification), no enlargement, improvement or other alteration shall be carried out nor shall any building or enclosure required for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of any said dwellinghouse as such be constructed or placed on any part of the land covered by this permission. 

Flats and maisonettes do not have Permitted Development rights.

If your property has a planning permission containing such a condition or is a flat or a maisonette, you will need to submit an application.

See below on how to look at your property's planning history.


3. How do I look at my property's planning history?

Summary records which go to the late 1990s can be viewed via PublicAccess by putting the first line of the address (and nothing else) into the keyword search field of the Simple Search. If nothing come up, try the road name or postcode.

If you need to look go back further, email requesting to see the plotting sheet for the property in question. The plotting sheet shows planning records going back to the early 1970s  and usually covers a small group of neighbouring properties. 

If you then want details of any specific applications from either of the above sources, email that request to and we should be able to send you the relevant information by email.

Applications prior to 1977 have not yet been digitised and cannot currently be viewed on demand at the Council Offices. Please email any such request to and we will advise how such a request can be progressed.