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South Bucks District Council
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Planning Policy

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for preparing, monitoring, advising on and reviewing Planning Policy in the District. This is an ongoing process with new documents being drafted, consulted upon and published regularly.

Planning Policy is responsible for implementing planning policies which help to ensure that the relevant social and physical infrastructure is provided whilst protecting and enhancing South Buck's natural environment.

There are currently no intentions to pursue work on a Community Infrastructure Levy, however this decision will be reviewed as part of the Emerging Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan (2014-2036).

  • Development Plan

    The Development Plan for South Bucks District consists of the adopted Core Strategy, the saved policies of the South Bucks District Local Plan and plans adopted by Buckinghamshire County Council relating to Minerals and Waste. The Proposals Map (now to be called Policies Map) shows where policies, proposals and land use allocations within the Development Plan apply as at February 2011.

  • Green Belt

    South Bucks is situated within the Metropolitan Green Belt. The Green Belt designation covers some 87% of the District, excluding the main settlements. The fundamental aim of the Green Belt is to prevent urban sprawl by maintaining the 'openness' of the land contained within it.

  • Guidance Notes and other Key Considerations

    This page contains guidance notes and other key documents links to the Development Plan which are also material considerations in the determination of planning applications. This is not intended as a comprehensive list.

  • Background Documents

    The Council has conducted or commissioned various studies to provide a robust and credible evidence base for the adopted South Bucks Local Plan and Core Strategy. A few relevant studies have also been prepared by Buckinghamshire County Council. The Council is also preparing an evidence base for the Emerging Local Plan which will be added to as the plan progresses.

  • Neighbourhood Planning

    Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011. The regulations which underpin it came into force in April 2012.

  • Sustainable Development Bulletin

    The Sustainable Development Bulletin is produced by South Bucks and Chiltern District Councils. The Sustainable Development Bulletin is published on a regular basis, and will provide a range of news and information on matters relating to the natural and built environment.

  • Minerals and Waste (Buckinghamshire County Council)

    Buckinghamshire County Council is the Minerals and Waste Authority for Buckinghamshire County. Minerals and Waste Plans prepared by the County Council will be applied to relevant development proposals and decisions in South Bucks District.