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The Planning Process - A Step by Step Guide

There are many steps that a planning application will undergo. These are set out step-by-step below. Please click on on the step that you are interested in.

There is a wealth of information and advice on the Planning Portal, which is a central government website. 

Before making an application please refer to our Planning Advice page which gives advice on what works may or may not need planning permission and  how to find out the constraints and policies which may apply to your site. 

Click on each section below to find out more about the steps involved in the planning process.

  • What happens when we receive a planning application?

    When we receive your application, it will go through a validation process to ensure that the documents received are complete, accurate and sufficient and also that the relevant fee has been received.

  • How we publicise an application

    South Bucks District Council publicises the planning applications it receives in many ways.

  • Commenting on an application

    For the majority of applications, anyone has the right to comment; you do not need to have received a letter inviting your comments, have a direct interest in a proposal or be an adjoining owner or occupant. All comments must be in writing.

  • How the decision making process works

    Most applications have an 8 week target deadline for a decision during which consultations will have been sent out, replies received and the Planning Officer will have visited the site. Certain larger applications have a 13 or 16 week target date.

  • Amending an application after the decision has been made

    Whether your application has been permitted or refused, there are certain steps you may wish to take to amend it.

  • Complying with Planning Conditions

    Some planning permissions are issued subject to conditions and it is the responsibility of the developer/applicant to ensure that the development proceeds in accordance with the approved details and in compliance with these conditions.

  • Appealing a decision

    An applicant can appeal against a planning refusal, against a condition on a planning permission or if the Council has failed to decide an application within the statutory target period. Anyone who has been served with an enforcement notice can appeal against the notice. There is no third party right of appeal.

  • Complying with Building Regulations

    Planning permission is quite separate from an approval under building regulations.