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The Building Control Services at South Bucks District Council and Chiltern District Council are working as a joint team based at the South Bucks office.
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Guide to Obtaining Building Control Completion Certificates and Decision Notices

As of the 1st April 2015, there will be a fee of £10.00 to obtain emailed copies of Building Regulations Completion Certificates or Decision Notices. Searches to application prior to 1993 may incur a further cost.

For the purpose of this guide the use of the term "Full Plans" relates only to Building Control documentation. It is not to be confused with any Town Planning records. For planning documents please contact our planning departments at or

Building Regulations Applications

There are three types of Local Authority Building Regulation application records and each has their own set of approvals and completion certificates.

1. Full Plans Applications

These will have a decision notice (Approval, Conditional Approval or Rejection) issued for the plans. This decision relates only to the plans (and not the work onsite):

  • If the application's plans show compliance with the regulations then the plans will get an Approval.
  • If there are only minor issues with the plans then a Conditional Approval.
  • If there are major issues then a Rejection notice will be sent

Full Plans Applications will also have a completion certificate issued, if the works were completed in accordance with the building regulations. Completion certificates were not issued prior to 1992 and not routinely issued until the early 2000s.

It is also possible for there to be a completion certificate (for the works as built onsite) for an application where the plans have been Rejected.

However, if we are missing some statutorily required documentation then we will not be able to issue a completion certificate, even if the works are otherwise compliant on site. Eg an electrical certificate or a SAP calculation for a new house.

2. Building Notices

This type of application will only have an acceptance letter. As these applications are rarely accompanied by any drawings, no approval notice is issued.

The works are inspected as the work progresses on site. If all is compliant on site and all the relevant paperwork is received then this type of application will receive a Completion Certificate.

3. Regularisations

This type of application may be made if the works have already been carried out and an application was not made at the time of construction. There will be no decision notice. There may be a regularisation certificate issued if, as far as we can reasonably ascertain, the works comply with the Building Regulations of the time the works were done. A regularisation application can only be made for work carried out after November 1985.

A regularisation certificate is only issued once we have carried out inspections on site and in order that compliance is seen to be achieved, parts of the work may be required to be exposed.

Competent Person Schemes

We receive a notification from each respective Competent Person Scheme that works have been carried out in accordance with the terms of the scheme, by a member of that competent person scheme, for the following:

  • Cavity Wall insulation
  • Electrical Installations
  • Gas Appliances
  • Hot Water systems and Heating
  • New or Replacement Windows
  • Solid Fuel appliances
  • Oil Burning applicants

We do not hold copies of any completion certificates for a competent person's work.

If you require any further information please contact the relevant Competent Person Scheme itself.

Approved Inspectors

Approved Inspectors are private companies who provide a Building Control services.

If an Approved Inspector is dealing with an application the Approved Inspector must submit an Initial Notice to the Council to let us know who is dealing with the works. Once complete the Approved Inspector must tell the Local Authority that the works are complete.

Our knowledge of the application will be limited and the work will not be inspected by the Local Authority. For any documentation you need to apply to the Approved Inspector involved.