CCTV [Closed Circuit TV]

Information and guidance about CCTV

Areas covered by CCTV

Beaconsfield Town Council owns four public CCTV cameras in Beaconsfield. These are monitored by Wycombe Control Room.

Access to CCTV footage

You have the right to be told if personal data is held about you on CCTV. A number of exemptions apply and footage is kept for one calendar month only. There is a fee for every access request.

Private CCTV

CCTV equipment is available from many retailers and security installers for private use, unlike companies and local authorities, there is little legislation or guidance developed for private residents who wish to install CCTV. However, as a simple rule to avoid causing concern to neighbours and others, it is recommended that any CCTV installed only covers the owner's property. It is also advisable to tell your neighbours that you are installing CCTV prior to putting it up to avoid potentially upsetting them.