Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' Chief Executive to leave role

Following Full Council meetings of Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council, it has been agreed that the post of joint Chief Executive (CEx), which is held by Bob Smith, is to be made redundant with effect from 31 August 2019.

This decision has been made as a result of the move to create the new Buckinghamshire Council which comes into being in April 2020.

The Joint Staffing Committee of Chiltern District Council (CDC) and South Bucks District Council (SBDC) made the decision which was approved by meetings of Full Councils on 17 July and 23 July.  

Cllrs Isobel Darby and Nick Naylor, Leaders of CDC and SBDC respectively, paid tribute to Bob Smith's service to both Councils and his achievements in his current role of joint CEx.

Cllr Darby said: "It has been an honour to work with Bob, firstly in his role as Director of Services and latterly as Chief Executive.  He has been a real asset to both councils and, whilst he leaves them in excellent shape, I know he will be missed by councillors and officers in equal measure."

Cllr Naylor said: "We will miss Bob hugely, as he has been instrumental in transforming the Councils and bringing together the combined officer teams for both Chiltern and South Bucks. He has supported members and officers, provided strong leadership and support to the Councils, raised service performance and focused on putting our residents first."

Bob Smith said:  "It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have been able to work alongside such dedicated and talented staff with the support of councillors of both Councils. However with the appointment of the new CEx for Buckinghamshire Council I feel now is an appropriate time for me to step aside.  I do so confident in the knowledge that my colleagues will continue to provide the residents of Chiltern and South Bucks with excellent services for the remaining months of the existing councils and also be in a good position to take their fantastic work into the new Buckinghamshire Council from next April onwards."

Under Bob's leadership all council services are now provided by a single officer team which is realising millions of pounds worth of savings whilst at the same time providing more resilient and better quality services for our residents. 
After his departure, and in the run up to the creation of the new Buckinghamshire Council, Bob's remaining Chief Executive duties will be shared between Jim Burness, Director of Resources and Steve Bambrick , Director of Services.  Joanna Swift, Head of Legal and Democratic Services will become the Councils' Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer.