South Bucks Community & Wellbeing Plan

Your Community

South Bucks District Council's Community and Wellbeing Plan 'Helping Build a Better South Bucks', provides a clear vision of how South Bucks District Council will support communities over the next three years (2017-2020), working with other agencies and local voluntary groups. Empowering and supporting our diverse communities is at the heart of this plan, and there is no limit as to what we can achieve when our communities are supported and encouraged to make a difference in addressing local priorities.

This Plan will continue to reflect and deliver the Council's vision of delivering great value, customer-focused and sustainable services.  The Plan is not a static document and will continuously evolve and develop as circumstances change and dictate. It is also scheduled that the Plan be formally reviewed in 2020 with the action plans associated with its six strategic aims reviewed annually.

As evidenced throughout, this Plan has been written to serve all of South Bucks, so your involvement and views are imperative to its success. If any community group has projects that it wishes to start that fit in with this plan then do not hesitate to contact us on