Home Energy Conservation Act Report

In 1995, the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) placed a duty on Councils to submit a report to government on the measures required to improve home energy efficiency by 30% over a 10-15 year period.

In 2012 the government published refreshed guidance under the Act, requiring local authorities to prepare and submit a further report to government by the end of March 2013, setting out:-

'the energy conservation measures that the Council considers practicable, cost effective and likely to result in significant improvement in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in the area'.

The report and the action plan must be updated every two years.

The March 2013 report and subsequent progress reports can be downloaded from this page. Each report sets out the actions the Council proposes to take to help bring about a significant improvement in home energy efficiency. The actions are flexible and may change to reflect changing local circumstances.