Thames Water - Your valuable support is helping us to reduce demand.

Thank you for your valuable support over the past month in aiding our efforts to reduce the unprecedented level of demand for water. We have seen a drop in demand which has enabled us to boost our reservoir levels, thereby ensuring you have received a reliable water supply over the hottest period since 1976.
So far in July, we have produced an extra 18 billion litres of water. We have delivered 2.8 million litres of potable water via tankers, and throughout the heatwave we have worked closely with businesses, including garden centres and farmers, delivering them 1 million litres of non-potable water to ensure they continue to operate as normal. This is in addition to continuing to repair a record number of leaks on our pipes, the majority of which are not visible above ground.
While a reduction in demand is welcome, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure there is enough water to go around. Fixing leaks is a top priority and we need your support to help us identify leaks.

Report a problem

  • A leak or burst pipe
  • An issue at one of our sites such an alarm, an accident, or an intruder
  • Noisy or missing manhole covers

Customer teams can be contacted on 0800 316 9800