What we do for businesses


What we do for business

The council can offer help and support to individual businesses or put you in touch with key partners that might be able to help you with a range of topics.

Building Control

For further information contact the building control team on 01895 837296

Business Rates


  • improving connections between businesses, residents and community groups
  • working with towns and villages to develop their own visitor strategies

Community Safety

  • Crime Reduction Advice
  • ShopWatch - brings the retail industry and the police together to fight against crime in stores and on the streets
  • Hotel Watch - a scheme which has been designed to identify and minimise potential crime trends within the accommodation sector and combat Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Ask For Angela - an initiative to raise awareness of sexual violence and abuse
  • Safe Place Scheme for vulnerable members of the community



Advice on and issuing of licenses relating to:

Environmental Health