Applying for Housing

Bucks Home Choice

Anyone who wants a tenancy with a Registered Provider (i.e. a housing association such as L&Q Housing) in South Bucks must apply to the Bucks Home Choice scheme.

Bucks Home Choice is a choice based lettings scheme that operates across Buckinghamshire in the Chiltern, Aylesbury Vale, South Bucks and Wycombe districts.

If you wish to apply to Bucks Home Choice or want to find out more about how the scheme works, please visit the scheme website, which contains everything that you will need to know about the scheme (including a user guide) and an online application form.

Consultation on Proposed Changes to Bucks Home Choice Allocations Policy

We are currently consulting on proposed changes to the Bucks Home Choice Allocations Policy. The proposed changes are intended to ensure that the Allocations Policy:

  • reflects changes in the law relating to our statutory duties
  • prevents homelessness
  • makes the best use of the limited housing stock available
  • prioritises housing for those in the greatest housing need

Full details of the consultation and how to submit your comments can be found on the Bucks Home Choice scheme website at The consultation closes on Monday 7th January 2019.