Farnham Common car park

Parking services

Free parking in council car parks

Parking will be free at council car parks between 12 April and 11 May 2021. Visit welcome back Bucks for more details and exclusions.

Farnham Common - Broadway Car Park SL2 3PQ 

Location map - Farnham Common

70 spaces and 3 disabled bays

Parking charges Farnham Common car park
Up to 30 minutes£0.80p
Up to 1 hour£1.00
Up to 3 hours£1.40
Up to 24 hours£1.90
Season Ticket - 3 months£94.00
Season Ticket - 6 months   £177.00
Season Ticket - 12 months£332.00
Residents Permit - 12 Months£48.00


Parking Charges are in place 8.00am to 8.00pm daily.
Season tickets are available for this car park. 
Proof of local residency will be required when applying for a Residents Permit, if you require a paper form please call 01494 732252.
Charges for Sundays and Public Holidays are £1.50 all day.