Green Belt

South Bucks is situated within the Metropolitan Green Belt. The Green Belt designation covers some 87% of the District, excluding the main settlements. The fundamental aim of the Green Belt is to prevent urban sprawl by maintaining the 'openness' of the land contained within it.

You can view the Council's policies regarding the Green Belt within the Adopted Local Plan (1999) and the Adopted Core Strategy (2011). More information is also contained in the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Council is undertaking a review of the Green Belt as part of its Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan 2036 . This is at an early stage and there are currently no published documents.

Thinking of buying a plot of land in South Bucks?

The Council has also become aware of the intensive marketing of plots of land on a number of large areas of land in the Green Belt in South Bucks. The plots are promoted as an investment opportunity with the suggestion that planning permission for housing development will be forthcoming at some time in the future.

Before completing any purchase of land, members of the public are advised that they can check whether the land they are interested in is in the Green Belt in the South Bucks Local Development Framework. The key document to consider is the Core Strategy. The Core Strategy was adopted in February 2011.  In it you will see that the Council is vehemently committed to the protection and enhancement of the Green Belt. 

In addition, the Core Strategy and its evidence base demonstrate that the Council can meet its development requirements at least to 2026 without the need for the release of any land from the Green Belt for development.

Therefore if the plot of land you are interested in is currently in the Green Belt, it is very likely to remain as Green Belt - in which case the strongest policies of restraint upon development will still apply.

Please give serious consideration to the above points before purchasing any plots advertised as an investment opportunity. It is likely that they are not.

To find out if your land is within the Green Belt, more information is available on the Proposals Map.