Mobile Homes Fees Policy

The Mobile Home Act 2013 Council Fees Policy and Fees

Mobile Homes Act 2013 The Mobile Homes Act 2013 introduces new powers and duties for the Local Authority in respect of residential park home and caravan sites which are occupied by persons other than the site licence holder and/or their employees.

The Act gives the Local Authority:

  • Powers to charge fees for licences
  • Powers to refuse licences
  • New enforcement powers to tackle breach of licence conditions
  • A duty to maintain and publish a register of Site Rules

The Council consulted on a proposed fee policy to be implemented this financial year (2014/15). This policy will be of interest to both site owners and pitch occupiers as fees charged can be passed on to pitch occupiers by site owners if they are included within the 2014/15 pitch fee review. The results of the consultation exercise were considered and the policy found on this page has now been adopted.