Intelligently Green Councils

Intelligently Green defines the South Bucks and Chiltern District Council's involvement in environmental issues which makes good business sense and has a clear community benefit or both!

It is about making choices that not only have a positive environmental impact but also generate a financial and/or community return.

The Councils are preparing a Joint Intelligently Green Plan which offers the Councils the opportunity for:-

  • Application of a long term view to policy and action, providing the opportunity to future proof services and eliminate negative environmental impacts or outcomes
  • Doing more with fewer resources through sustainable procurement and consumption, offering valuing for money and an opportunity to highlight and change behaviours
  • A way forward in meeting the challenges posed by climate change
  • An integrated pathway for environmental decision making

The Councils have already put in place some solutions to meet some of these certainties head on, and the new plan aims to put in place more, by being Intelligently Green!

The Plan, once it has been agreed by the Councils, will be uploaded onto this page, so please watch this space!