Don't give bike thieves an easy ride

South Bucks District Councils is supporting National Bike Week, an annual campaign to encourage and inspire old and new riders to hop on the saddle and give the pedals a whirl.

Bike Week, which runs until Sunday 17th June, asks people to rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as an alternative way to get around. By getting on their bikes and leaving the car at home, cyclists also reduce pollution and make air cleaner for everyone.

To coincide with National Bike Week the Councils' Community Safety team are encouraging residents to be more conscious of how secure their bikes are and if they haven't already; get them marked to reduce the risk of theft. Bike marking is quick and easy to do and is a vital tool in reducing bike thefts. A wraparound label with your postcode on, stuck to your bike frame will deters thieves and will help police return it to its rightful owner in the event of it being stolen. If you want to insure your bike, many insurance companies will ask you to security tag your bicycle.

If you would like a free bike marking label please email or call 01494 586535

Further advice can be found on the Vehicle Crime pages along with a helpful video showing how to attach the security label.