Fly tipper traced after suspicious builder keeps photos of carrier's truck

A commercial fly tipper is caught after a suspicious customer keeps photos of his truck.

Luis Rodriguez, 23, of Yew Avenue, West Drayton made a plea of guilty at Wycombe Magistrates Court on 15 August 2018 to an offence of dumping waste illegally.

The court heard that on 15 September 2017 a large amount of waste building and renovation waste was found dumped at Denham Country Park, Old Mill Road, Denham, Buckinghamshire, following an unauthorised encampment. The waste was examined by an investigator from the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, who found evidence which traced the waste to a builder. Having been suspicious of the carrier, the builder had had the foresight to take pictures of the truck when the waste was removed. This allowed the Bucks investigator to trace the illegal dumper through his vehicle registration.  

The van was traced to Luis Rodriguez.  When interviewed at a police station by Waste Partnership investigators, Mr Rodriguez claimed his intention had been to take the waste to a household recycling centre, but it had closed for the day.  Rodriguez decided to dispose of the waste in Denham Country Park, in a field off Old Mill Lane, Denham.

The Magistrates sentenced Mr Rodriguez to a 12 month Community, 100 hours' unpaid community work and ordered him to pay clean-up and prosecution costs of £665. A victim surcharge of £85 was also levied -  making a total to pay of £750.

In August 2018, the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire launched its SCRAP Flytipping campaign, which urges anyone- individuals or businesses- to ensure that they act on their legal duty of care to ensure that anyone who takes their waste away is registered and bona fide.

Since November 2003, the Waste Partnership has secured over 660 fly tipping convictions and a resulting significant saving to the Buckinghamshire taxpayer, principally through costs imposed by the court to cover removal and disposal costs. In Buckinghamshire fly tippers are 16 times more likely to be successfully prosecuted than in England as a whole. 

Illegal dumping can be reported at