Let's kick World Cup waste into the back of the bin and score one for the planet

According to BBC Sport, over 21 million of us watched the BBC coverage of England v Tunisia on Monday night.

Whether you were watching at home, at a friend's house or at the pub, it's likely you enjoyed a drink or some food that resulted in generating extra waste. The majority of this extra 'World Cup waste' can be recycled, so we are making it our 'goal' to increase awareness about recycling and to help residents tackle their World Cup waste. Even the smallest of changes can have a positive effect on the environment.

During the month-long tournament they'll be lots of parties, takeaways and barbeques, bringing with it increased waste. But don't worry, most of this waste can be recycled! Including glass bottles, jars, cans, tins, plastic bottles and lids, plastic food containers, foil takeaway trays, paper and card and any leftover food. 

We even collect and recycle your unwanted textiles, so if you've treated yourself to the new England shirt, you can recycle your old one along with any old batteries you've worn out using your remote control - refer to your waste and recycling calendar to find out how. 

All your recycling efforts really do make a difference. All those plastic bottles that you put out for recycling will be sent to recycling facilities where they will first be separated by colour, then cleaned, melted down and turned into plastic pellets. These are then used to make an array of items including fences, bags, flooring, window frames, fleeces, more plastic bottles and even the England Football team's home and away kits! 

Tips for recycling during the World Cup

•           For all the leftover party or takeaway food that cannot be used again remember to recycle it in your kitchen caddy. This includes all cooked and raw meat and fish and any dairy products - remember to remove any packaging first

•           Your party packaging tin foil, food tins, drinks cans, bottles, jars, pots, tubs, trays and cardboard boxes, can all be recycled. All you have to do is make sure it's clean and put it in your recycling container bin

•           Enjoying a takeaway can deliver results as well. Rinsed-out metal takeaway cartons are totally recyclable - in fact aluminium is one of the few 'infinitely recyclable' materials in the world and can be recycled again and again and again

•           Remember when you have finished preparing for your World Cup party, shampoo bottles and aerosols such as deodorant and hairspray can be included in with your regular recycling 

•           Loving your new football shirt? No need to ditch the older version. You can recycle it using the kerbside collection or you could donate it to a charity that specialises in re-using old football tops, for example KitAid and Kits4Causes. The 'Love Your Clothes' website has a wardrobe's worth of tips about the way to buy, use and dispose of clothes.

•           If you're planning a big World Cup party or ordering in a takeaway to enjoy while you're watching a match - take that into account when you're doing your weekly shop. That way, you won't be left with a fridge full of food that will end up uneaten and go straight in the food waste bin

•           Buying a new television for the World Cup doesn't mean you need to chuck out the old one. Be clever by selling it online, at a car boot sale or via an advert in your local shop. Or you could pass it on to a charity shop or through websites such as Freecycle.  

•           Fresh batteries in your TV remote control? Don't forget to recycle the old ones. Simply put them out with your recycling and we will collect them.

For more information about what can be recycled and how please visit the Refuse and Recycling pages.