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An appointment is required to register a death.


Registering a Death

An appointment is required to register a death.
By law, a death must be registered within 5 days of its occurrence. However, this period can be extended under certain circumstances.

You can register at the Register Office in the district where the death occurred, or you can go to any Register Office in England and Wales and make a declaration of the particulars required. However, if you opt for a declaration, there will be a slight delay in receiving certificates and paperwork, as these will be posted from the receiving Register Office.
In certain circumstances, a death will have to be referred to a Coroner. He may do one of three things:

  • He may decide that no action is necessary
  • He may decide to hold a post-mortem examination, in which case the cause of death will be notified directly to the Registrar. (This may delay registration by a day or two)
  • He may decide to hold an inquest.

The Coroners Office, or the Registrar will advise you what to do in these circumstances.
The South Bucks Coroners Office telephone number is 01494 475505
Slough Coroners Office telephone number is 01753 633732.

Who should attend the Register Office?

One of the following people may register a death:

  • A relative of the deceased
  • A person present at the death
  • The occupier of the house or residential home where the death occurred (if there is no known relative who is able to register)
  • The person who is arranging the funeral

What will the Registrar need to know?

It may help you to prepare for your visit to know that the Registrar will require the following information:

  • The medical certificate of cause of death from the doctor, if a coroner is not involved.
  • The date and place of death.
  • The full name of the deceased (and maiden surname if appropriate).
  • The date and place of birth of the deceased ( a birth certificate would be helpful).
  • The deceased's occupation, and the full name and occupation of her husband, if she was a married woman or widow.
  • The deceased's usual home address.
  • Whether the deceased was in receipt of a pension from public funds.
  • The date of birth of the deceased's spouse, if alive.
  • The NHS medical card number for the deceased. However, please do not delay registration if this is not available.

The Registrar will ask you some questions to obtain the above information, and then will print out a draft copy of the entry for you to check. It is most important that this draft is checked carefully, as mistakes can easily be rectified at this point. Once the draft is signed the Registrar will enter the details into the register, again you will be asked to check the details before signing the register.

What documents do I get when I register a death?

  • A green form (Form 9), to given to the funeral director.
  • A white form (Form 344) to be sent or taken to the DSS together with any state pension or benefit books, this will stop any payments.
  • Certified copies of the register entry, these will cost £4.00 each (or £10.00 each after the register is full).
  • Booklets and information leaflets where appropriate.
  • The Registrar can issue notification to Government Pension Offices if necessary.

The Registrar will have several booklets, which may be useful to you, please ask if you need help or advice. We all appreciate this is a difficult time, and will do our utmost to make the formalities easier for you.
If you discover an error at some time after the registration, however long it may be since registration, it should be possible to make a formal correction. Please contact the register office with details of the error, and we will give you advice regarding making the correction.
When making an appointment to register a death, please be aware that some areas of Crowthorne fall within the Wokingham Registration District, and most areas of Ascot fall within the Windsor and Maidenhead District. Please check with the Registrar which office is involved.

What do I need if I want to bury or cremate a body abroad?

Before a body can be removed from England and Wales, the Coroner must issue an authorisation. The forms that need to be completed can usually be obtained from the Funeral Director, who will normally liaise directly with the Coroner's Office. However, if you have difficulty obtaining the necessary documents your local register office will assist.

How do I register a still-birth?

As this is a difficult subject to cover, and several documents may be required, please phone the Register Office for personal advice for your particular circumstances.

Can I bury my pet in the Cemetery?

Pets cannot be buried within graves in the Borough Cemeteries. Please telephone 01252 844478 and this helpline will be able to give you details of your nearest pet cemetery.
If you would like information about private cremation for your pet, you may wish to visit Dignity Pet Crematorium's website for further information. It is vital that you mention this possibility to your vet, if the death occurs at their premises.

The Crematorium gives you the option of collecting the cremated remains in a casket, a photo frame, a sleeping cat casket, or a clock. They can also offer that the cremated remains are scattered in a natural woodland area and provide a slate plaque to mark the area. Further details can be obtained from their website, or by telephoning 01252 844572.