Conservation Areas


From time to time all Councils consider which parts of the district are "areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance" and designate such areas as 'Conservation Areas.'

There is no standard specification for designating or reviewing Conservation Areas. In considering whether an area has the "special character" to be designated as a Conservation Area the following are some of the features that would be considered:

  • the landform of the site;
  • attractive groups of buildings exhibiting a unity of scale, material and/or density;
  • a particular combination of land uses;
  • a historic street pattern;
  • open spaces such as village greens;
  • enclosed areas such as market squares;
  • trees, either individual specimens or in groups;
  • features of archaeological interest or historical association etc.

In assessing the suitability for designation, the emphasis is on the character of area rather than on individual buildings.

We have 21 Conservation Areas;  some of which have appraisals. Maps of the 21 Conservation Areas, and those that have appraisals, are available to download at the foot of the page. 

Planning Controls within a Conservation Area

Stricter planning controls apply in Conservation Areas so as to preserve and enhance their special character and their heritage. Permitted Development rights are also more restricted in Conservation Areas and certain demolition works will require planning permission. The Local Plan contains a range of policies for Conservation Areas and further advice can be found on the Planning Portal - conservation areas

If you wish to build a new building within a Conservation Area, you are advised to seek advice from our planning officers via before submitting an application.

Please note that all applications for Conservation Area Consent should be accompanied by a design and access statement


Trees within a Conservation Area

Works should not generally be carried out to trees within a Conservation Area without first notifying us. See the tree section of our website for more detail.