A constraint is anything which might constrain whether or not we grant planning permission for a proposal.

There are many types of constraints which we have to take into account when considering any application. Before preparing your planning application, you would be well advised to find out if any of such constraints apply to your site. The most common constraints which may apply within the South Bucks Area are discussed below, but there are a number of others which may affect your planning application such as contaminated land, archaeological sites, springs & water courses, pipelines etc. It is not possible to list them all here.

Is my site in the Green Belt, a Conservation Area or another designated area eg SSSI,AONB?

Development within these areas is restricted by National and Local Policy You can find out if your site is in one of these designated areas by looking on the Proposals Map or you can contact us. Find out more about Green Belt and Conservation Areas

Are there any Listed Buildings on the site or nearby?

Listed Buildings, which are generally buildings of historic and architectural merit, are protected by stricter planning controls than unlisted buildings and to demolish or alter a Listed Building without consent is a criminal offence. Find out more about Listed Buildings

Are there any protected or significant trees on the site or nearby?

Trees are protected if they are either the subject of a Tree Preservation Order or if they are in a Conservation Area. Damaging or working on a protected tree without seeking proper consent is a serious criminal offence. If the health of protected trees or trees with significant amenity value will be adversely affected by a proposal, the application may not be viewed favourably. Contact us to find out if there are protected trees on your site.  Find out more about Protected Trees

Is my site in a flood zone?

Records of flood zones are maintained by the Environment Agency - GOV.UK. Development within flood zones 2 & 3 is more restricted by National and Local Policy

Are there any protected species on my site?

Any effect on protected species of plants and wildlife should be taken into account in drafting up your planning application. Details of protected species can be viewed on Natural England - Protected species and on the Planning Portal - Factors affecting planning permission: Design

Does the property still have its Permitted Development rights?

Most properties have 'Permitted Development' (PD) rights which means some works can be undertaken without seeking planning permission. However, some properties have had their PD rights removed. To find out if your property still has its PD rights, email It may be that an officer will have to look into the history of the site in order to answer this question, so it is unlikely to be something that can be easily dealt with over the telephone.

Before making a planning application, it may be worth looking up any recent planning history on the site view Planning Applications but if you would like specific advice relating to a proposal on your site, please use our Planning Application Advice  service

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