Designing out crime

General crime prevention should be taken into account in the planning of all developments.

The Planning Portal - Crime Prevention gives some advice on crime prevention as does the UK Police initiative Secured By Design

You are advised to consult a Crime Prevention Design Advisor about major development proposals.

Some general principles follow:

Town Centres

A mix of uses - shop, food and drink, entertainment and residential should be encouraged within centres to ensure the presence of people throughout the day and night, whilst avoiding undue concentrations of uses such as pubs, which could give rise to public order problems.

Security shutters, where necessary, should be of an open grille design, integrated into the design of the shop front and should be painted to match. Special consideration should be given within Conservation Areas. They would not be appropriate on a Listed Building.

Housing Estates

Larger estates should make provision for open spaces where children can play safely without disturbing residents.

All public spaces - roads, footpaths and open spaces and play areas - should be well lit and overlooked by dwellings. Footpaths to the rear of properties should be avoided where possible.

Private spaces, such as rear gardens, should be clearly demarcated by high walls or fences.

Landscaping should be designed to avoid creating hiding places close to footpaths. Spiky bushes could be used to deter unwanted visitors.

Commercial Development

Security considerations should be integrated into the design process and consideration should be given to building design and security lighting as well as security fencing.

Fences should be attractive and robust and chain link fences, concrete post and panel fences should be avoided in prominent locations.

The same landscaping principles apply as above.