Enforcement Appeals

The Enforcement appeals process is designed for anyone who has been served with an Enforcement Notice. 

There are specific grounds that you can appeal on and an Enforcement Notice appeal must be received by the Planning Inspectorate before the "Effective date" given on the Notice.

Please be aware that appeals are not decided by the Council, but by the Planning Inspectorate, who are a Government organisation who are totally independent from the Council and the appellant.

Enforcement appeals

Details of Enforcement appeals can be viewed as follows:

You can look up appeal decisions on this list by typing the relevant PINS reference (see spreadsheet) into the Planning Inspectorate's case search.

e-mail planning.appeals.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk for details of  the appeal decisions on this list.

Our copy of the appeal paperwork is available for the public to view at the Council Offices at Capswood during office hours.


Planning appeals

For planning appeals (not enforcement appeals) certain documents (including the Grounds of Appeal and the appeal decision, once available) can be viewed by inputting the Council's planning application number into 'Application Search' (not Appeal Search) on Public Access