Listed Building Consent

The purpose of Listed Building controls is to protect a building's architectural and historic interest. Proposals allowing a Listed Building to adapt to change and remain in use will nonetheless be considered. Listed Building controls always cover the whole building, both exterior and interior.

To demolish or alter a Listed Building without consent is a criminal offence and penalties for unauthorised works are severe.

Consequently, you would need to apply for Listed Building Consent if you are seeking to demolish or extend a Listed Building, or alter it (internally or externally) in a way that could affect its architectural or historic interest. Depending on the nature of the works, you may also require Full planning permission.

Before applying for Listed Building Consent, you are strongly recommended to seek informal advice from one of our Conservation and Listed Buildings officers. Information can be found on the Planning Application Advice page.

There are no hard and fast rules about what is and is not a permissible alteration to a Listed Building, since the architectural interest of each building is different, so pre-application discussions often involve a negotiation between the Heritage Officers and the owner of the building, so as to protect the architectural or historic interest of the building while allowing it to adapt to new needs and tastes.

Select the link to apply for Full Planning and/or Listed Building Consent

Please note that all applications for Listed Building Consent in this area are required to provide more detail than required nationally. Please see Planning Application Requirements.

There is no fee for applications for Listed Building Consent. However, if the application accompanies a planning application, a fee will still be payable for that application.

There is a right of appeal to the Secretary of State against a refusal of an application.