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We can only take legal action to stop or prevent light pollution where it is of a type and level that is considered to be a 'statutory nuisance'.

To be considered a statutory nuisance light pollution has to have occurred more than once, directly affects you in your property and is typically prolonged when it happens. Before taking any action you should consider:

  • is the light 'reasonable'
  • the time of day it occurs
  • how long it lasts
  • is it a regular or frequent occurrence

If you feel comfortable to do so, it is often better to try and resolve the problem informally by speaking to the people causing you the problems. You can also contact Mediation who offer a free service.

Report light nuisance if you wish for us to investigate complaints of light nuisance.

This is a legal process and will require good evidence of the nuisance you have been experiencing. You may also be required to attend court. You can also take you own legal action. Information on how to do this is contained within the Nuisance Information Pack.