Scheduled Ancient Monuments

Scheduled Ancient Monuments

A schedule has been kept since 1882 of monuments considered to be of national importance by the government.

There are eleven Scheduled Ancient Monuments in South Bucks:

Scheduled ancient monuments
AddressType of MonumentParish
Bower WoodMoated SiteBeaconsfield
Golf CourseBowl BarrowBeaconsfield
East BurnhamCattle Pound Burnham 
Seven Ways PlainSlight univallate hillfort Burnham 
Hartley CourtMoat and Enclosure Burnham 
Savay FarmMound with ditch and outer Denham
Moat FarmTemplar's Site Gerrards Cross 
Bulstrode ParkCamp Gerrards Cross 
ThorneyTwo Concentric Ditches/Crop marks Iver 
Stoke ParkBowl BarrowStoke Poges
Old ChurchyardSaxon Barrow, church cemeteriesTaplow


Like Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments are subject to greater planning controls and any works carried out within the scheduled area require Scheduled Monument Consent

Other monuments

A number of other monuments within the area are of archaeological significance but are not scheduled. The Buckinghamshire County Museum has drawn up a list identifying these sites, which are referred to as Archaeological Notification Sites. When planning applications are received which could affect an Archaeological Notification Site, the Council will seek the advice of the County Museum. For more information from Bucks County Museum.