Chiltern & South Bucks Open Space Strategy

Chiltern and South Bucks have completed a new joint Open Space Strategy. The main aims of the strategy are to:

  • Inform and support the newly emerging Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan to provide a concise, strong and comprehensive evidence base that enables both Councils to develop planning policies which are sufficient to withstand public scrutiny.

  • Increase participation by community organisations to develop a co-ordinated approach to effectively manage recreational and open space provision.

  • Achieve a joint Council strategy with localised priorities to develop sustainable facilities that support increased participation

  • Support community groups and others to access external funding

The open space assessment includes public parks and gardens, amenity greenspace, allotments, community gardens, recreation grounds (where applicable), accessible areas of countryside on the urban fringe, cemeteries, civic spaces and natural and semi-natural green spaces.

The completed strategy along with its associated annexes will provide a valuable resource to local Town/Parish Councils and other community groups by helping them demonstrate the overall quality and quantity of public open space provision when compared to national benchmark standards. This in turn will help lever in external funding.

For further information about the strategy please use our online contact us form.