Registered Parks and Gardens

A registered park or garden is one which appears on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest compiled by English Nature. Registration does not entail extra legal controls (unlike listing of buildings or designation of conservation areas), but it does mean that special consideration is given to the landscape in the planning process.

Historic parks and gardens (like listed buildings) are graded to show their relative importance:

  • Grade I sites are of exceptional historic interest;
  • Grade II* sites are of great historic interest;

Grade II sites are of special historic interest.

For more information, the Conservation & Design Officer can be contacted on 01895 837375 or

South Bucks has twelve registered parks and gardens, which is a large number for a small district. All are grade II, except for Cliveden which is Grade I and Bulstrode and Hall Barn, which are both Grade II*.

They are listed below: