Personal Licences

Personal Licence authorises the specified person to supply alcohol or allow the supply of alcohol, but only when used in association with a Premises Licence. A Personal Licence is be portable between premises. The granting of a Personal Licence is not dependent on the holder working in licensed premises at the time the Application is made.

You must apply to the Local Authority where you live (not the one where the premises you work at is situated unless they are the same).

You cannot apply for more than one Personal Licence.

Online licensing forms

Who can apply?

Persons aged 18 or over who:

•               Have not forfeited a Personal Licence in the previous five years

•               Do not have any relevant criminal convictions as specified in Schedule 4 of the Licensing Act

•               Possess an accredited licensing qualification (details of which can be found below) or are a prescribed person*

Personal Licences can be suspended for up to 6 months or revoked

How much does a licence cost?

•               The fee to apply for or renew a personal licence is £37.00.

•               The fee for a replacement personal licence or to change your details is £10.50

What do I require?

  • Under the Licensing Act 2003, all holders of a personal licence must have an accredited qualification. This can be obtained through a number of accredited organisations, a list of which can be found on the following link Accredited qualification providers


  • You will be required to provide a basic criminal record disclosure to support your application. The basic disclosure certificate can be no more than 1 month old when provided to the Council as part of a valid application. You can apply for your certificate via the following link: Basic Disclosure Application

Do I need to renew my personal licence?

The Deregulation Act 2015 came into effect on the 1 April 2015, and abolished the requirement to renew personal licences. Instead personal licences will carry on indefinitely until such time that they are either surrendered or revoked.