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Buckinghamshire Council Statement regarding Neighbourhood Planning and COVID-19

The government’s advice is that we should stay at home and keep away from others. We would therefore strongly advise town/parish councils preparing neighbourhood plans not to undertake any public consultation (unless it is exclusively online/web-based with an email or online survey response) for the purposes of preparing a neighbourhood plan until the government's restrictions on the public freedom of movement have been lifted. In addition, town/parish councils should not carry out statutory Pre Submission Consultation and Publicity (Regulation 14*) as it is not considered that the regulatory requirements of consultation and publicity can safely be met.

We will not be undertaking any Neighbourhood Area consultation (Regulation 16*), Publicising a Plan Proposal or a Modification Proposal (Regulation 16*) consultation and no Neighbourhood Plan Referendums shall take place until the government's restrictions on the public freedom of movement have been lifted and we are satisfied that the full terms of the regulatory requirements (and terms of the adopted Statements of Community Involvement) can be met.

We will update parish and town councils and our websites when there has been a material change in the circumstances set out above.

3 April 2020

* The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 as amended

Neighbourhood planning is a community-led process. It enables people to help shape development in their local area. Communities will be able to develop plans and policies that will become part of the planning framework for their area and grant planning permission for certain types of development. Neighbourhood planning is delivered by 'neighbourhood forums' for their 'neighbourhood area'.

It gives communities the power to:

  • Agree a neighbourhood development plan
  • Make a neighbourhood development order
  • Make a Community Right to Build order

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Neighbourhood Areas in South Bucks

There are eight declared Neighbourhood Areas in South Bucks:

Any community considering whether to bring forward a Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order should contact the Planning Policy team using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Higher Denham Neighbourhood Area Application

In addition to the Neighbourhood Areas above, on the 6th June 2017 the Higher Denham Community Association submitted an application to South Bucks District Council seeking to declare the settlement of Higher Denham as a Neighbourhood Area. South Bucks District Council consulted on the application from 23rd June to 4th August 2017. Following a separate application by Denham Parish Council to declare the whole of Denham Parish (including Higher Denham) as a Neighbourhood Area the application from the Community Association was refused. 

More information is available on the Higher Denham Neighbourhood Area Application page.