Guidance Notes and Other Key Considerations


This page contains guidance notes and other key documents links to the Development Plan which are also material considerations in the determination of planning applications. This is not intended as a comprehensive list.


Employment Guidance Note

Following a meeting, on 19th November 2013, the Cabinet approved a Guidance Note on Marketing Requirements in Relation to Core Policy 10 (Employment) for Development Management purposes.

The Guidance Note provides guidance to applicants seeking to address the requirements of Core Policy 10: Employment (in the adopted South Bucks Core Strategy). More specifically, it addresses the marketing evidence that will normally be required to demonstrate that there is no reasonable prospect of a site being used for its permitted B Use Class purpose.

Icon for pdf Employment Guidance Note, November 2013 [342.21KB]


Chilterns Building Design Guide

The Chilterns Buildings Design Guide was endorsed by the Council on 24th July 2012. This means that Council recognise the document as a material consideration when determining planning applications within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and where development outside the AONB affects its setting.

The Council first adopted the Chilterns Buildings Design Guide as supplementary planning guidance in 1999. The Conservation Board published an updated version of the Design Guide in 2010 incorporating changes in national legislation, policy and guidance and local planning policies and a series of changes brought forward following a public consultation. Reference to the updated Design Guide will enable the Council to implement the aims of Core Strategy Policy 9 (Natural Environment), in particular "to conserve and enhance the Chilterns AONB and its setting".

Icon for pdf Chilterns Buildings Design Guide [6.49MB]


Development Management Guidance Note on Burnham Beeches

Following a meeting on 8th April 2014 the Cabinet approved the Burnham Beeches Guidance note. The guidance note assists Development Management in relation to Core Policies 9 and 13 in the Core Strategy.

Icon for pdf Hydrology in Burnham Beeches Guidance Note, February 2014 [713.54KB]

Icon for pdf Burnham Beeches Hydrology Study, October 2013 [7.77MB]


Development Management Guidance Note on Townscape Character Assessments

Following a meeting on 15th July 2014 the Cabinet approved the Townscape Character Assessment as guidance to assist Development Management in relation to Core Policy 8 in the Core Strategy.

Icon for pdf Townscape Character Study [15.18MB]


Interim Guidance on Residential Parking Standards

The current residential parking standards are defined under the Adopted Local Plan (1999), which was consolidated in 2007 and 2011.

In South Bucks, updated car parking policies and standards for both residential and non-residential developments will be set out in the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan 2036  (the 'emerging Local Plan'), which is currently being prepared.

The Council has adopted an interim interpretation guidance on Residential Parking Standards to guide planning decisions for residential development in the interim period before the emerging Local Plan is adopted.

Icon for pdf Interim Parking Standards [145.09KB]


Guidance Note on Basement Developments

The Council has produced a guidance note on Basements developments in order to assist prospective applicants looking to submit a planning application for development involving basement development. This document identifies the potential issues associated with basements and provides links to where further guidance is available.

Icon for pdf Guidance Note on Basement Developments, April 2016 [163.28KB]


Waste Management Design Guide (South Bucks District Council)

The design guide has been created to advise developers on the provisions that need to be made on all developments for the storage and collection of waste, including the separation of recyclable waste.

Icon for pdf Waste Management Design Guide [857.98KB]

Buckinghamshire County Council are also preparing a replacement Minerals and Waste Plan. More information is available here.

In October 2015 Building Regulations Drainage and waste disposal: Approved Document H was updated as part of the wider review of Building Regulations.