Pollution Control - Air Handling Units

About Air Handling Units

Air handling units are incorporated in buildings for many reasons are a potential source of nuisance and if poorly maintained may pose a health risk, this is particularly the case with air conditioning units linked to an evaporator or a wet cooling tower.

All premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with the local authority under The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.

The prime purpose of this is to identify potential areas that could give rise to spread of infectious disease e.g. legionella and to ensure preventative measures are taken to eliminate the risk of such infection arising to employees and the public. should Information on health risks associated with air conditioning.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems which are poorly installed or maintained may be a health risk to the public e.g. those which use evaporative cooling, may pose potential health risks if not properly maintained therefore "make sure your air handling units are serviced at appropriate intervals, and follow the instructions by the supplier or manufacturer".

Environmental Health can provide advice and guidance on all the safe installation and maintenance of ventilation systems or can require that detailed plans be submitted for inspection prior to installation of new units. Specific issues arise in the case of air handling units associated to catering establishments as a result of the potential for nuisance odours.