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How we publicise an application

The Council publicises the planning applications it receives in many ways.

You can view text details of planning applications from the late 1990s onwards via our Public Access page where you can search by application number, postcode, road name, parish etc.

Please note that copy documents (eg plans etc) on PublicAccess are only viewable from 2007 onwards.  If you need to see documents between 1977 and 2007 please contact us on planning.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk and we should be able to email them to you. You may have to come to the Council offices for documents earlier than 1977.

There is a charge for hard copies of any documents. Please email any such requests to planning.csb@buckinghamshire.gov.uk . Copies are subject to copyright and restrictions. 

Lists of Applications

Lists of new applications are sent weekly to Parish Councils, some residents associations and some amenity groups. These can be viewed at the Council Offices in hard copy. 

Alternatively, you can view weekly or monthly lists of applications on Public Access

Newspaper and Site Notices

Certain applications are publicised by means of a notice in a local newspaper (the Slough and South Bucks Express Public Notice columns) and a notice will be displayed at a prominent position at or near the application site. The following types of applications will always be publicised this way:

  • proposals involving 10 or more dwellings;
  • proposals for houses on a site with an area of 0.5 hectares or more where the number of dwellings is not stated;
  • proposals for building(s) with 1,000 square metres of floorspace or more;
  • development on a site with an area of 1 hectare or more;
  • applications accompanied by an environmental statement;
  • significant applications which the Council may be inclined to approve that clearly conflict with planning policy;
  • applications for consent to works to a Listed Building and proposals that could significantly affect Conservation Areas or the setting of a Listed Building.

The Council supplies lists of all planning applications received to the local newspapers and encourages all of them to publish them as public information. Although lists appear in newspapers such as the Bucks Advertiser and South Bucks Observer fairly regularly, publication cannot be guaranteed and is a matter for the discretion of the press.

Site Notices

A site notice may be posted by the Council if the application site is located such that neighbour notification is considered impractical.

Letters to Neighbours

Applicants are encouraged to approach their neighbours before submitting a planning application, to show them the plans and discuss any issues with them. This cannot be insisted upon, but, if done, may reduce the extent of neighbour objections later on in the process.

The Council writes to the owner/occupier of certain properties  close to an application site notifying them of the application and allowing them 21 days to submit their comments, rather than the 14 day Government recommendation.

Our policy on sending letters is as follows:

  • for extension works, we notify all properties with a common boundary to the application site if their land is within 30 metres of the proposed development. New regulations came into force in 2013 and 2015 with regard to certain single storey extensions. If an application is received under these new regulations, we are obliged to follow this  neighbour notification scheme (PDF) [39KB] (opens new window)
  • for a completely new building or buildings we notify adjoining properties. If there is no occupied building on this land we try to notify the owner if known;
  • for new dwellings we notify properties with a common boundary to the application site and those on the opposite side of a road from the site;
  • for changes of use we generally notify the adjoining properties. If there is no occupied building on this land we shall try to notify the owner if known. New regulations came into force in 2013  and 2015 with regard to certain Changes of use. If an application is received under these new regulations, we are obliged to follow this neighbour notification scheme (PDF) [39KB] (opens new window)

On certain types of applications, such as Certificates of Lawfulness for Proposed Use (CLOPEDs) and Prior Notifications for Rear Extensions (GPDEs), the legislation does not allow the Council to take into account the views of all third parties. In these circumstances, letters informing neighbours will only be issued to those  whose opinions we can take into account.

In cases where an application is amended part way through, the planning officer will decide if the scale of the amendment warrants renotification. If they judge that it does, letters generally giving a further 14 days to respond, will be sent in line with the above rules.

The above rules are used as guidelines. However depending upon the nature and scale of an application and the geography of the area or if an application is likely to attract significant additional traffic or crowds, or for other reasons, notification may be extended at the discretion and judgement of the planning officer.

How can I comment on an application?

Please note that anyone can comment on an application; they do not need to have received a notification letter.

Find out how to comment on an application